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The Global Home Index (GHI) is an initiative of the London-based Home Renaissance Foundation, with academic support from the Walmart Centre for Family and Corporate Conciliation (CONFyE) at IAE Business School, Argentina and the Culture, Work and Care Research Centre at INALDE Business School, Colombia.

The Global Home Index’s main objective is to evaluate how the amount of work required to build and care for healthy, thriving home environments is understood and valued. It also aims to raise awareness among survey participants about the value of their own work in the home as a contribution to human development. This will allow us to identify paths to promote and develop greater recognition of the social value of the work involved in caring for our homes.

The quantitative data for this international research project will be collected via an on-line questionnaire designed by Dr. Belen Mesurado, Researcher with the CONICET (Argentinean National Council for Scientific and Technical Investigation) and will be based on the results of theoretical and qualitative studies carried out amongst opinion leaders in the academic, private, public and third sectors, including 51 experts from 37 different countries from the 5 continents.

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